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Oh those wacky fangirls...

Fandom Foolery
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Wow! Someone's looking at this? That is infinitely cool. Anyways, this would be that web comic I've been swearing up and down since high school that I was going to start. I finally figured my senior year of college that I should actually do it. Where am I going with it? Who knows! Honestly I'm just expressing the fucked up things that pop into my head in a place where other people could possibly enjoy them.

Fandom-Foolery (I need a better name for this thing...) will revolve around random fandoms of mine and the fangirlish things involved such as fan fics, fan art, and rping. Some will be parodies of books/movies/TV shows, some will include myself and my roommate in fangirl related activities, and some will be satire on fangirlish tendencies that, let's face it, are downright stupid at times.

Aside from that... eh, er, uh... friend the journal! I won't be friending anyone back just yet, but in the future I may decide that more adult-ish entries should be made friends-only at which point I'll friend back everyone over the age of 17. And hey, if you're friended, you can keep up with my random updates. I'm sure I'll make an actual schedule once I settle into my comic groove, but for now I'll just make 'em as they come to me (which should be at least once a week).

So enjoy! And thanks for actually taking a look! Whee!

- Artist/Writer - Gayle Ferris -
AIM: freak critique - e-mail: rp_artist@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the fandoms used in this comic and I am not making money off of them. If this comic ever goes the way of the more popular online comics and produces any profit at all, it will be with original characters and never with copywrited material. But seriously folks, I'm not making the next Penny Arcade or Ctrl-Alt-Delete here.